About Me

About Poppy Hi there, my name is Tesha and the kitty in the picture is my cat, Poppy, the muse and mascot of this blog. She is four years and six months old, and she is a tortoiseshell tabby. She enjoys laying down and stepping on my keyboard as I’m typing. Unfortunately, she will not be guest writing any posts.


About the Blog

This blog was made with the intentional of having a good laugh in a safe, stress free space. You’ll find reviews, reviews, and possibly more reviews on books, TV shows, movies, and manga here. Maybe even some motivational listicles.


I Am…

  1. An INFP. Cancer sun, Libra moon. I love in-depth personality tests.
  2. An aspiring published author. The first work that I ever wrote and drew was a superhero comic in preschool, and at the time I had no idea what comics were. I’ve written dozens and dozens of stories most of which are rough drafts. The dots to becoming published haven’t connected yet.
  3. A series-holic. I’ve watched A Different World from start to finish every year for the last several years. Once upon a time, I was Nick At Night fanatic, and the lineup on Oxygen was my life.
  4. A fanatic. I didn’t read published books at all in grade school and high school unless it was for a grade. I read pages upon pages of fan-fiction not thinking that it counted as “real reading.”
  5. An addict. I’m addicted to romance. If it doesn’t have romance in it, chances are I’m not reading or watching it. If I’m not reading or watching romance, I’m writing it.
  6. A Jane Austen fan. I watch Pride and Prejudice at least two times a year. My preference is the BBC version that’s free with Prime membership on Amazon.
  7. Dazed and confused. This is my very first blog. I was inspired by reading How-To articles from other blogs about how this would improve my writing, and how simple it would be. It’s not.
  8. Hell fire. I can’t go a day without listening to a song from a Disney soundtrack.